Victor Grayson – Sunday Times Magazine 1975

Below is a copy of the feature article on Victor Grayson from the Sunday Times Magazine (July 13th 1975). The piece appeared to coincide with the publication of Reg Groves’ second Grayson biography.


One thought on “Victor Grayson – Sunday Times Magazine 1975

  1. Just added a link to this post on my Toplis twitter feed. Terrific find. Didn’t see it before. I’ve just been writing a post about Hilda Porter (hotel manageress at Georgian House) who added some legitimacy to the claims made by McCormick about Gregory. I also unearthed some interesting things about McCormick’s family history. That Hilda appeared in more than one crime caper or mystery over the years makes me wonder if she was on the police payroll? New Zealand features prominently in one of the stories. Or, more likely, on the payroll of someone like Sir George Makgill, who was providing private intelligence to Special Branch. Makgill (a Scots-New Zealander) was an associate of both Gregory and Bottomley. Still trying to account for a couple of trips to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands that Hilda made in the first 6 months of 1922. Trips here at this time were relatively expensive from what I can gather.


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